We can offer you a big spectrum of tugs and icebreakers, including competent people that have years of experience. Tugs from 2 to 170 ton Bullard pull, and icebreakers with the highest standards. From a small assisting tug, to a whole solution, connected with heavy liftings, with the floating crane Lodbrok, or roll on, to one of our fully ballast barges, for safe transport to your destination.

Working in West Africa for 6 years, with up to 4 tugs + barges, in all from Anchor handling to float off, gives a quite good reference between smaller and bigger projects. We have a small and effective organization, that invites you to have a first feedback of your request – project. The list of reference is long, from the biggest companies in offshore, to build a small quay.

Looking forward to hear from you.




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